coVeed/ coVilla is a symbol of gratitude and compassion. coVeed/ coVilla means together at home. (veed or villa means home).

Stayhome mode is something that any human alive can relate to. More than anyone else, we felt, Kerala a place that had been exemplary on their measures to combat COVID should come up with the mascot of ‘successfully breaking the chain’ which by value addition double as a symbol of gratitude as well.

Each coVeed is a gift box that can hold up to 1/2 a cup of day provisions, chocolates, or masks, or whatever you feel right to gift to anyone whom you feel appropriate.

making coveed

You can make coveed from A4 size paper based on a simple template


coveed can be inverted and used as a seed starter


‘Safe’ has a mask, a coconut oil-based soap and seeds for your kitchen garden. All sourced locally to support local enterprises

Each CoVeed is a symbol of care and empathy and an expression of gratitude for having a safe home to stay in

കളിയിൽ അൽപം കാര്യവും ആവട്ടെ.

പിടിയരി (a handful of rice) is a practice that was prevalent in India; and still is in many households. Now seems to be the most appropriate time to make it popular again, so that it can benefit many in the future.

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CoVeed is an initiative by The PURE Living. For deails on coVeed, or to buy ‘Safe’, get in touch with us.

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