coVeed to coShare

Build a coVeed to coShare

Do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download and print, or draw the coVeed template. You need to follow the standard measurements to qualify.
  2. Assemble and decorate it.
  3. Click a pic, share on social media with hashtag #coveed #coveedtocoshare, and also WhatsApp to us on +91 83300 21192.

We will upload your coVeed to the gallery on For every 200 coVeeds made, we match Rs.10 each (that is Rs 2000) and donate to a community kitchen. We will share these details here and facebook.

coVeed showcase

The meal package sufficient enough for two is provided at Rs.20/- at the community kitchen. The coVeeds that you made can be filled with goodies of your choice and gift it to anyone whom you feel right. A policeman, a health worker, security guard, cleaner at your building, or even your friends/ family whom you missed during the lockdown days.

Each CoVeed is a symbol of care and empathy and an expression of gratitude for having a safe home to stay in

If you want to Whatsapp this to any of your friends, use this poster:

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