IIID Focus Campaign

Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) is joining hands with coveed.in to spread the message of gratitude and compassion. #coviiid

coVeed (together at home ❤), is a gift pack designed as miniature models of homes. It can be filled with goodies of your choice and gifted to anyone whom you feel right. The basic template is available here on coveed.in. Make as many as you can, to spread this message to ‘count your blessings.’

We upcycle wrappers of toothpaste, soaps, thick invitation cards, shirt, shoe box etc for building these coVeed/ coVilla, since the GSM (thickness) of these are most suitable. Avoid cardboards.

#coveed.in #covid19 #coveed #stayhome #focusfightingcovid

Campaign run by IIID Focus: