Preparing for a post COVID-19 life

‘Safe’ is the fabric avatar of ECOveeds.

A new social design to support weavers and local enterprises by our volunteers. Buy ‘safe’ and be safe. Once bought, mark yourself #safe on your Facebook 😎. Coz it has everything to keep you safe!

‘Safe’ has a mask, a coconut oil-based soap and seeds for your kitchen garden. All sourced locally to support local enterprises.

‘Safe’ is made of unsold, old stock of handloom fabric from Karimpadom weavers society (Chekutty‘s birthplace). The industry has crashed due to the lockdown and we hope to bring some relief through this to keep them safe. With your purchase of ‘safe’, we can double or triple the income for the weavers.

‘Safe’ is a pocket, easily hung on the front door handle to remind you to wear the mask when you step out of your home (#ecoveed). It costs just Rs. 50 per pack. Shipping will be extra. Contact us on or message on +918330021192

‘Safe’ is a copyrighted design and will be available only on All the proceeds go to weavers and local enterprises.

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